What is the minimum income requirement for a micro entrepreneur for visa renewal?

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In a past post I asked about my concerns remeeting each quarter’s minimum income level, as I think I will probably not in the 1st/2nd Q this year.

I had calculated the minimum required per Q as 3 months x the French minimum income of 1710euro = 5130euro
So for a year 20520euro minimum

You responded that it is not important what comes in per quarter - if some are less than minimum income and some are more, as long as the whole year income meets the income minimum of 18000 euro.

I was confused once I did the sums, as this is less than the stated monthly minimum income, which I had understood to be the minimum you need to bring in as a micro entrepreneur to be paying enough tax and social security contributions etc.

I am keen to be very clear on this as my business is changing, and the current and next quarter are more focussed on some retraining and reorganising of the business, so i need to be clear what my total income goal is for the year overall to make sure i can make up any shortfall in the final two quarters.

If you could clarify the minimum total income needed per year that would be really helpful.

Thank you!

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