What are the costs of buying a fond de commerce in France?

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I am buying a fond de commerce for a hair salon business in France.

  1. The proprietor has a notaire who will amend the bail. Do I pay him for this service, or are his costs paid by the proprietor? Do I pay any stamp duty or any tax on this transaction?
  2. The present owner of the fond de commerce has her own notaire who will do the sale of the fond de commerce. Do I pay him or are his charges paid by the present owner of the fond de commerce? Are there any dues or taxes that I need to pay on this purchase?
  3. Also do I need to engage a separate notaire so that he works out the details and to put in place an agreement between myself and my friend the coiffeuse? Are there any taxes or stamp duty to pay for drawing up an agreement?
  4. It would seem to me that having 3 notaires on the job is rather excessive. Would you agree that the notaire in item 2 above could well be the best person to handle my requirements in item 3 above?
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