Wanting to Open a Small Private Gym in Paris

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Hello, My friend(Bodybuilder) and I are wanting to open a small private gym in Paris for personal 1 on 1 fitness coaching and training. I am a US citizen and my friend is a South Korean citizen. I currently go back and forth to Paris on a travel visa from the states and my buddy is currently on a student visa. We want to start this business quite simple actually, but we want to cater to people on a more personal approach rather than the bland personal training we experienced in gyms throughout Paris.

I believe that this would be much more easier to open than a restaurant for example. We just need an open space preferably on the 15th arrondissement near Charles-Michel station. We would need to install some plumbing work such as two showers.

So where do we start? Also we prefer to translate the business plan into French and submit it in Paris. I heard they are a bit more lenient than the embassies.

Where do I find a business template that is acceptable in France?
How and when would visas work. We want to get some sort of business visas from this.

I will end it here for this first part.

Thank you so much.

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