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I am a small business owner (designing and selling women’s apparel) living in the US and have applied for a passeport talent visa to open a subsidiary of my current business in France. Our headquarters and our team would remain in the US with a small office in France to market and distribute our products to EU customers. My original application was submitted in April. The consulate requested that our 30,000 proof of investment be in a French Business bank account. After approaching no less than 10 banks they all refused on the grounds I am not a French resident. Both my immigration specialist and I attested to this fact, submitting a letter to the consulate explaining the situation. I did offer to place the funds in a French personal account, which I managed to open with HSBC after many weeks (the consulate has not responded to this offer). My application is still with the consulate. I have a young daughter who is already enrolled in a French private school. I am worried our application is not going to be approved in time for the start of school. Our current living situation is not ideal. And we just have a myriad of things we have to keep rescheduling if the visas aren’t approved in time.

I’ve talked to a few people who have done this visa and some have it in hand in weeks, while others wait months. I’m wondering if it’s possible to cancel my application all together and start over, submitting a simpler visa application and changing the structure of my work (perhaps just marketing the business for now) or should we stick it out and just hope they approve (knowing full well that they might not).

Thank you for any suggestions you might have.

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