Visa Application with intention to run a gite business eventually

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We are planning a permanent move from the UK and need to apply for Visas (me, my wife and 16-year-old daughter who is planning to return to the UK in 2 years’ time to attend university).  We are moving to a property that we have owned for holidays but once settled our aim is to either move and then rent out the existing property as a gite or longer-term, or sell and purchase a new property with gite/letting accommodation already in place.  The business side will not start immediately so;

  1. When applying for our long-stay visa should we state that the reason for the application is to run a business (micro-entrepreneur)?  Is it better to do this as part of the initial application or should we leave the business side until later?
  2. Do both my wife and I need to be ‘registered’ as part of the business activity?
  3. Do we need a work permit?
  4. I have drafted our Visa application assuming that Business is the purpose and the form then asks for our Visapro reference number which, being honest, I have no clue what this is.  The call lines to the TLS Contact processing centre in the UK is suspended so I can’t get an answer from them so I wonder if you might know?  My problem is that I can’t pass this part of the form without the answer!

Apologies that this is not one question.


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