Ventes or services on the impots tax form for chamber d’hotes and gites?

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I went to the tax office with my attestation fiscal 2014 auto-entrepreneur. The attestation tells me to put my earnings for 2014, which I have paid the relevant cotisations to RSI, in boxes 5KO, 5LO and 5MO and that my regime fiscal is ventes.

The tax office completed my forms and when I asked if I would need to pay any income tax on this amount (my husband and I have two young children, this is our only income) he said no, we would not owe any more. In fact we would get a rebate from Pole Emploi as it is a low income. I was very surprised at this and he said that it was because the form from RSI says ventes. He then went on to say that gites and chamber d’hotes are not ventes and changed the forms. He said that we would still not have to pay any income tax as that has not changed. But he did say to let RSI know that we are not ventes, so our form is correct for next year.

All along I have been reassured and told that chamber d’hotes and gites (our main income is the chamber d’hotes - the gite did not even earn enough last year to not even cover the 14.1% cotistations (3,000 euros) pay 14.1%. You advised myself and nomandiehelen how to complete the online auto-entrepreneur payment form and to use the ventes, rather services, box. Please please can you advise that this is all OK and what I should do about this?

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