VAT, when to start charging?

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I am halfway through the year and think that I may just go over the threshold for VAT by the end of the year. I am a micro entrepreneur, an executive coach. I work as an associate coach for a UK company on a self-employed basis, but also as a coach for private individuals.
I am just about to put up my hourly rate and am therefore considering how much to charge, bearing in mind that individuals will not be able to claim VAT back so I do not want to overcharge now in case I then have to also add VAT.

1. When will I need to get a VAT number?
2. Will I still be able to be a micro entrepreneur?
3. Do I charge VAT for services to clients in the UK?
4. How do I invoice a company that is UK VAT registered?
5. How do I register for VAT?
Many thanks indeed!

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