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I have a few questions about VAT under the micro-entreprise regime:

1) I have a client in the UK. To confirm, since they are outside of the EU, there is no need to charge them a VAT, correct? And therefore, I should say: “TVA non applicable – art. 259-1 du CGI” under the amount owed in my invoices. Is this accurate, or should it be listed differently?

2) My understanding is that those of us in professions libérales will need to charge our French clients VAT if we make over €36,800. First, is this correct? Second, do we only start charging VAT once we hit that threshold or from the beginning of the year, if we assume we will eventually hit it at some point that year? And lastly, is this threshold comprised of all of the amount I earn that year (i.e. from clients both in and outside of France) or just from my French clients?

Many thanks for the help, and thank you for your comprehensive website and courses - they have been super helpful!

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