VAT for newly registered companies (SARL)

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Are newly registered companies (SARL) exempted from paying VAT in the beginning?
If yes, is there a threshold?
I’ve read something about 82.000 € / year… What does this refer to?

In case there is a threshold, do I have to add a specific text in the Statuts to specify that I want to be exempted from paying VAT until I reach the threshold?

If I don’t specify somehow during the company registration process, does the VAT number come by default once you register a SARL?

I’ve heard it takes about one month to obtain a VAT number… What happens during this time? Can I invoice clients? With or without VAT?

When I bill my first client, in France, if / when I’m paying VAT, what is the VAT rate I must add to my services (20%)?
What if my first client is not in France, but in another Eu country? Do I add in this case the local VAT rate?

Thank you!

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