VAT different scenarios

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Hi, I have read some commentary about TVA/ VAT.

Can you help me understand the requirements I have in France for a SAS or ME and the requirements of the UK clients please? A little worried it might cause them some additional work?

If a UK company invoices a European company, or is invoiced by a European company, I am of the understanding that VAT is not applicable – i.e. not invoiced for, for my services in a B2B scenario.

1) What would I do my side in France in I am invoiced without VAT (correctly) by a UK company or supplier to my company?

2) If I invoiced a UK Client, again no TVA/ VAT applicable, but would the UK Client pay HMRC the VAT and claim it back (extra work for UK Client??) or do they declare it/ but not pay it in the ¼, but show it in their accounts? As already claimed back if you see what I mean?
Can you advise on the process?

3) If an ME wasn’t TVA registered, they would not add the 20% TVA/ VAT, but what does the UK client need to do?
Is it the same process as above?

4) Should a UK supplier of services to my SAS (or ME), such as a website designer, charge my SAS (or ME) VAT?

Many thanks

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