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Dear Valerie

I am just trying to do the first Urssaf declaration for my husbands plumbing ME so he has had sales which inc. materials débours I am confused at what figure I put in which box I am presuming his sales for labour without what was rec’d for the débours goes in box 2 but does the amount for materials on the débours system go anywhere?
Also he started on 01/11/2020 his deadline calendar below, but when I go to my current deadline there is only the first qrt 2021 showing, where or how do I get to the 4th qrt of 2020?

Vous déclarez votre chiffre d’affaires réalisé
Début de saisie Exigibilité

4ème Trim 2020 01/04/2021 00:00:00 30/04/2021 12:00:00
1er Trim 2021       01/04/2021 00:00:00 30/04/2021 12:00:00
2ème Trim 2021 01/07/2021 00:00:00 02/08/2021 12:00:00
3ème Trim 2021 01/10/2021 00:00:00 02/11/2021 12:00:00
4ème Trim 2021 01/01/2022 00:00:00 31/01/2022 12:00:00
1er trimestre 2021

Box 1Chiffre d’affaires des autres prestations de services
Box 2 Chiffre d’affaires des prestations de services commerciales ou artisanales
Box 3 Chiffre d’affaires des ventes de marchandises

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