URSSAF Declarations

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As it is time to pay the trimester earnings to URSSAF I would like to ask you a couple of questions:

  1. We declare the amount of money we received, right? If an invoice was issued the previous trimester (2020), but I received the money in this trimester (1st 2021) I declare it now, right?
  2. We put the exact amount that was present in the invoice, right? In that case mine has also decimal points which I see are not allowed by the system as input. Is it particularly important how I will do the rounding in that case? In my previous statement it was X.38 so I rounded it to X, but now it was Y.78, so I rounded up to Y+1. Do you think it is fine?
  3. As a software engineer I declare my income as “Chiffre d’affaires des autres prestations de services” and not as “Chiffre d’affaires des prestations de services commerciales ou artisanales”, or “Chiffre d’affaires des ventes de marchandises”, right?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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