URSSAF cotisations calculation error?

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I am registered as a Micro BNC Prof Liberale. The URSSAF calculation for my cotisations include a portion for the Allocation Familiales. So far so good, however the calculation has been carried out on the gross turnover and from what I have been able to establish using an online calculator this calculation should be calculated on the turnover after the 34% deducation for expenses. Can anyone confirm one way or the other if my URSSAF office (Correze) are right or wrong?

Also, this may just be the way it works, but they have taken my turnover and added the cotisations I have already paid to URSSAF, RSI and CIPAV when calculating the CSG/CDRS thus effectively charging me a further 8% on the cotistions I have already paid. This may just be the way it works, although it rather defies any sense of natural justice. Help, guidance, re-assurance appreciated.

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