UK Ltd sole director, living in France

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Hi Valerie,
I need some advice concerning a UK limited company for which I am the sole director. I’ve been living full time in France for a number of years and have been meaning to get around to sorting out my situation - hopefully your good advice will prompt me to take action.

**Here’s my personal situation:**

  • UK private registered sole company director (100% shares)
  • I take minimum wage of £640 per month, some in dividends at the end of the financial year
  • Living in France full time
  • I have purchased a property with my wife
  • My wife is employed by a French company and pays French taxes (British citizen)
  • My wife declares her own, and also my income to the French government/tax department every year

**About the UK business:**

  • Work is carried out for both French and UK businesses.
  • I have a team of technicians I hire for (IT) support work. All in the UK (although not employed directly by the company, we receive an invoice every month).
  • The majority of sales comes from supply of satellite TV by UK companies for yachts in the med.
  • Some work is performed in France by myself, but the majority of work is completed or supplied by UK companies.

**My ideal situation:**
I’m unsure whether this is at all possible and this is why I joined the forum - to see whether it’s possible. I have no issue paying tax in the country I’m living in, but it seems pointless to set up a business in France when I won’t be processing any orders here. With that in mind, can you tell me if it’s possible to:

  1. Keep the UK company and remain it’s sole director
  2. Pay UK company taxes in the UK
  3. Pay wage/dividend taxes in France
  4. Get healthcare in France (although not required as I have private medical cover)

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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