Type of accountancy for entreprise Individuelle under regime reel simplifie?

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I am currently an entreprise Individuelle under regime reel simplifie. No TVA involved as I am well under the turnover. I understand that I could possibly do my own accounting and bookkeeping but would like to be sure of the details so would like to find a basic bookkeeper type of help and then fill in the tax return myself, possibly with some help from them. What is the equivalent of a bookkeeperin France - I am a bit confused as there seems to be several levels of it - secretaire comptable, aide comptable, comptable, assistant comptable, chef comptable etc.

Could you give me an idea of which one I am looking for for this basic help, as my current accountant is charging an excessive fee, around 5,000 euros, this is twice my own profit from the business. Now he has deregistered me from TVA surely he should be cheaper? Anyway, I am now going to do as much as I can myself to at least make the business worthwhile for me, so need some information on the most basic accounts that are necessary if possible.

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