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I am currently a UK resident. My husband has been a French resident since 31 December 2021, and I would like to join him this year.
I have a UK-registered limited company with a turnover of £75K, which is below the VAT threshold.
My clients are in the education sector and fees are set by clients - I have no room for negotiation.

I have looked at your excellent course on Micro Entrepreneurship and see that I would have to charge TVA when my receipts reach 34,500 euros.
What are the implications of this?  If I charge my UK clients TVA can they recover this?  If not, or if it’s too complicated for them, do I just pay it from my income and take a 20% pay cut?

Or, can I keep the UK company and continue to invoice my education clients through that company? I understand that, if I reside in France, I must pay social charges and income tax in France.
Looking forward to your response.

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