TVA registration - micro-entrepreneur

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Hi, I have been registered as a micro-entrepreneur for over a year now with turnover still under 70k euros (but now over 35k) and still only customers abroad so my question is even if I have no customers in France yet, should I have a TVA number anyway?
If yes how do I register/ obtain a TVA number?

Up until now I have continued to invoice my customers with ‘VAT number: Non-applicable. En franchise de TVA, art 293b CGI’ as advised on the fact sheet!

Started to worry when one of my customers recently requested that I ‘Please include your local Tax reference number or VAT number for your Sole Trader/Limited Company (we do not manage tax on your behalf but this is a due diligence element for our information processing) but I think this might be to do with the fact that they are now paying from IE (Euro) entity instead of GB.

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