Turning an LMNP into a commercial activity or similar

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Hello Valerie

I have been running an LMNP for 2 seasons, doing well so far from a revenue perspective.
I am also registered as a Prof. Libérale (english teacher )  but the revenue for this activity has been very minimal.

I would like to somehow combine the two activities, somehow, into something more commercial,  as I want all of my income from both activities to be taken account of for social charges taxes etc, in order to earn some additional trimestres for my pension de retraite.  So my question is :  Is this possible to do?

One idea that I have is to offer english conversation as an optional service to my clients.
Another is hiring bikes with the rental of the house, just for my clients. (Currently I provide bikes to rental clients free of charge, as this is already incorporated into the price of the rented house.)

Thank you for your input as to whether or not this would work for the change of status.

Best regards

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