Three social security numbers since Aug 2007?

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I am having trouble getting my wife’s health cover confirmed under auto-entrepreneur. Part of the problem seems to be that she has 3 different SS numbers. When we first moved here she was covered under her own E106 which generated a number and I have an attestation showing this. Eight months later (Aug 2008) she was allocated another number, I can’t remember why this would have been but I have a CPAM reimbursement fiche showing the second number. When our first E106 expired we renewed mine but all the family were covered under my number, so I have another attestation showing all of us with my SS number and she got a new carte vitale with this last number. Her previous CV was taken back by CPAM at the time.

I completed an auto-entrepreneur application for her between getting the 2nd and the 3rd number. So we have now been confirmed by RAM with the 2nd number. But all attempts to update her CV have proved it to now be invalid. Is it normal to have multiple numbers? Are they all linked on the records? Do I need to take any steps to sort this out and if so what would be advised?

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