Teaching student who have a CPF Fund

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I am already registered with DIRECCTE, for some time now, as an ‘‘organisme de Formation’‘, but it seems this is not sufficient to allow me to offer my services to persons who have a CPF fund so that they use the money accumulated in their fund to pay for theire English language lessons with me.  One person checked with his CPF fund and could not find me listed with CPF.

I do not want to lose the opportunity. So what do I need to do to be registered with CPF? Can you advise on the procedures to be followed to get me registered with CPF?  I have a businessman who has a substantial amount in his fund and he wants me to be his English teacher and to pay me through his CPF fund, but when he checked with his fund he could not find my name although I gave him my Siret number and my registration number with DIRECCTE. So it is obviouss that I need another form of registration with CPF.

Please treat as an urgent request, if you can reply to me today, if at all possible.

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