Taxe Apprentissage and CSA

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Hi,  we have received the above form from OCTA (Nouvelle Aquitaine).

In May 2018 me and my husband - he is the registered owner and I am a conjoint collaborateur - registered a Micro-Entrepreneur business (running a Glamping Site, but listed as Campsite) and in our first year we have a turnover of c.€14500.  We have no employees or apprentices (and never intend to have any).  I have been through it and cannot see that it is relevant to us - in fact, the first 4 questions are regarding the presence of such employees/apprentices and I have been able to answer ‘Non’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘0’, to these respectively.  Do we still have to submit the form, ie sign and send back without filling anything else in, or should I ignore it entirely?  Of course, I may be mistaken and I would appreciate your response.

We submit quarterly declarations to URSAAF and pay the usual contributions to professional bodies etc. that we are deemed responsible for.

As a new subscriber to this forum, I have more questions, but this is the most pressing issue at the moment.

Thank you.

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