Tax treatment when close to the limit for versement libératoire

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I’m hoping to register as a micro-entrepreneur in April. I think that when I register I have an option to elect for “versement libératoire” at a fixed rate and paid periodically. My estimates suggest that this is the best tax option for me, rather than the “classic” way of being taxed through the normal income tax bands. However there is a limit on total income to the “foyer” (I understand ~€55,000) beyond which the versement libératoire regime can’t be used and the micro-entrepreneur has to be taxed under the classic regime. I think our household could be getting quite close to this limit overall…

So my question is: if I opt for versement libératoire when I set up as a microentrepreneur and then go beyond the ceiling for it, do I automatically get commuted to the classic regime by the tax authorities, or do I need to somehow declare that my situation has changed?

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