Tax residency for Income Tax

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So here is the situation I am in. I am going to move to France in early September with my spouse. After going there, I’ll be applying for my residence card and post that, I’ll be applying for auto entrepreneur licence.

If everything goes well, I need to file my taxes in May 2025 for the months Jan-Dec 2024 (Learnt it thanks to your video!)

Now my question is, will I be considered to be a tax resident of France for the year 2024, given the timelines of my moving there (Early September), getting the residence permit (2-3 months or as I’m told) and then subsequently getting money in my French account?

Because from what I understand, if I am considered to be a tax resident, I need to declare my worldwide income at the time of filing, and that would really complicate things. Let me know what you think!

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