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This question may be outside of the scope, so please let me know if so.

This year is our 2nd personal tax return and we are using the same French tax agent as last year (BDO). 

I got an automated email from Impots last week saying my revenue declaration had been lodged so I asked the agent to tell us once it was all finished (I assumed he’d just lodged a draft as he had shown us nothing).  When he didn’t reply, I followed up again today to ask what the deadline was and whether we will have a tax bill due.  He replied that it is due 8th June but was lodged a week ago and asked me to remind him mid-June to send us the calculations because he had to do them on his own system because the Impots website can’t calculate taxes instantly if you have foreign income.  ie he provided no detail, not even whether a payment or refund is due. 

So our return is lodged and we have no visibility and won’t have until mid-June, after the due date.  I have never been able to get into my personal Impots account so he must have set up a password in order to lodge it so I can’t even log in and see what he lodged.

Where I originally come from, a tax agent would ensure you’ve reviewed and signed off on the return before lodgement as you are responsible for it.  Perhaps he’s just busy but I just wanted to check if this is normal in France and nothing to be concerned about.

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