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Hello Valerie

I registered as an LMNP ( Location meublée non professionnelle) in june 2018.
In Feb/ March 2019 I became classée (meublé de tourisme) as I had read that it was more beneficial for taxes. As soon as I received my attestation of classement, I sent my certificate to the bureaux d’impôt to let them know.

I received a notice from the bureaux d’impot in November 2019 which informed me that I was liable for CFE tax in December 2019, and that I had to open a tax account as a ‘professionalle’ on the government’s website for Impot, in order to pay the CFE tax on time.

I have read on line that people registered as meublés de tourisme are normally exonerated from paying CFE, and so I raised it with my local tax office.I was told yes, that is the case, however they said that they had not received the documentation that I had previously sent to them. I was advised that, due to time constraints for the payment, it would be better to pay the tax first, and then to ask for a reimbursement due to the fact that I was classée.

So I paid the CFE tax. And then asked for a reimbursement,  and I sent my all of my documents again (by email) to show that I was meublé de tourisme, and recieved an response to tell me that I should receive a reimbursement and that my case had been passed up the line for final approval, and that I should receive the reimbursement shortly.
I have now received a note to say the full CFE tax was due, with no exemptions or reductions due.

Can you confirm, please, if my understanding is correct, and that meublé de tourism classée are exempt from the CFE tax?
Inluding if I rent the house out for only 7 months a year?
(is my understanding of the rules incorrect?)

Thankyou for your help

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