Steps for purchasing and running a hotel restaurant in France as a foreigner?

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I am a Canadian citizen, in the process of buying a hotel/restaurant business in the Pyrenees Orientales. I have completed the first agreement signing at the notary.  I am not taking out a formal loan or mortgage. I know I need an accountant to start a EIRL business so that I can make the purchase of the building and business. Then with the building and the business I can apply, back in Canada, for my residency and work permits through the self-employment route, which requires the ownership or at least an agreement of sale for the building and preexisting business that I am looking to run. then with my residence, I can apply for my food safety and alcohol safety certifications and the begin opening and running my business.

Are there any important steps that I am missing as a foreigner? anything that I will need for the purchase and eventual running of this business that I am leaving out?

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