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I am asking this question in a new thread because I want to look at my situation from a completely different perspective.

  • I have a great innovative idea and I want to open my start-up to work on it.
  • I have skills and experience to develop this idea on my own.
  • I don’t plan to have any customers, the only goal of my start-up is,
  • that say in 3 -5 years Google (or similar) will buy my company (or the idea).
  • I also have an investor who believes in me and who is ready to invest 100,000 euro a year,
  • to allow me to pay my bills while I am working on it.

What kind of company should I create in this case? Should I create a company at all, if I don’t have any customers, neither salary?
I don’t sell anything to anyone, and I also don’t provide any service to anyone, I am just working for fun for myself.
Can you please advice what are my options in this case?

How much fees and taxes will I need to pay, if in 3 years Google buys my start-up, say for 5 million euros?


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