Social Charges & Taxes - Question about tax declaration

Matt P
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Hello Valerie. It is my first time through the process of payment of charges for my micro enterprise so please forgive my basic understanding of the system.

I have paid my 22% charges through URSSAF for both trimesters. That was all fine and very easy to do. My understanding is that 22% figure is to cover ‘social charges’.

However, for the impot, please could you tell me how this works? On my PDF copy of my DÉCLARATION TRIMESTRIELLE DE CHIFFRE D’AFFAIRES - the tax situation is stated as ‘Vous n’avez pas opté pour le versement libératoire de l’impôt sur le revenu.’

Could you tell me where & how I pay this tax sum? I presume that they need my total revenue in the URSSAF declaration to work out what my tax bill should be.

Kind regards,


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