Social Charges

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I am confused about what to do right now.  I set up my Auto-Entrepreneur business in April 2019.  I received a temporary social security number.

I was back and forth between the UK and France until July 2019 but am now in France permanently.  I started to earn money in my business in June 2019.  I sent off my translated paperwork to the URSSAF in June, so that I could get a social security number and a carte vitale.  I got a card in the post saying that they had received the paperwork but so far nothing else has arrived.

According to Valerie’s notes, my first social payment is due in August.  This is next month.  How do I make the payments with only a temporary social security number? I have not set online accounts with USSSAF or Impots as yet as I thought I needed the proper social security number for this.  What do I do?

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