Small business taxes for a snack bar?

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I am looking to buy a snack bar / sandwich business in France. I would like to know a few things, as I am completely new to trying to do business here. I know the community very well, as well as the potential of the location. My questions are:

  1. Is there capital gains tax on the selling of the business. In other words, if I purchase the business now, but run into problems with getting things going, can I resell without penalty? I ask this because of the change in capital gains for non French people selling homes in France within 5 years of purchase.
  2. I do not completely understand the tax structure. Could you give me an idea of how and how much is taxed.

My husband and I want to run and work the business ourselves We will need to pay into the social security. I guess I need some guidance on the order of things for getting set up, how to apply for a license to sell food, and a better understanding of the tax structure in regards to TVA as well as yearly business tax.

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