Should I register with URSSAF or GREFFE to sell Apps

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I am an App Developer publishing my own apps on the Apple App Store. I also sometimes do a bit of freelancing.
I have apps that are currently making money in my UK company.
I am going to register as AE here in France, create a new Apple App Store account, then transfer my apps to the French account.

Both my wife and I have work visas based on us both being App Developers, so we need to register as a conjoint/collaborator AE.

I am just starting the registration process on URSSAF and i’m stuck on which activity to select.

There is DEVELOPPEMENT DE LOGICIELS (Software Developer) however as my main activity is selling software I have created, i’m more inclined to select COMMERCE DE DETAIL D’ORDINATEURS, PERIPHERIQUES ET LOGICIELS (Retail trade in computers, peripherals and software).
This option advises that I should register at Greffe as it is a Commercial activity.

My D’UNE DEMANDE D’AVIS SUR UN PROJET D’ACTIVITE that I had to apply for before applying for my visa (And submitted my business plan) says the nature of my activity is Commercial, i’m not sure if that’s a box I ticked when applying, or whether they decided it.

Does this mean I should go down the Greffe route?
Is there a difference that I need to be aware of before proceeding?

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