Should I cancel my affiliation to Cipav as a SASU and auto entrepreneur?

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I’m an auto-entrepreneur (profession libérale) and I also the president of a SASU.

A couple of months ago I received a letter telling me I need to pay an amount to Cipav. My understanding (and advice from my accountant) was that I had to pay - as this was one of the things to do with my SASU. So I paid. Last Saturday I got a letter fromCipav telling me conformement a votre declaration, my affiliation with Cipav was cancelled and that they would repay me the money paid in.

I rang them this morning and the lady explained this was a mistake on their side and that I should not have paid anything. I explained my situation twice and she reassured my 3x that indeed, I don’t need to pay them anything, that all my social charges are collected via URSAAF, and I am not affiliated with them as ‘le president de SASU’.

Is this correct? I’m lost.

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