Setup a Pop-up Shop Selling Chocolates & Pastry

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I’m planning to rent a pop-up shop in Paris to sell chocolates and pastry I make in the end of 2018.
Here are some terms of my situation

* I plan to trade no more than 30 days.
* I am a professional chocolatier with a graduation certificate from Ecole Ferrandi Pastry course, and have been a professional chef for more than three years in my nation Taiwan.
* I shall rent two spaces, one as a shop exclusive for trading, the other as my kitchen.
* For the kitchen, I will seek opportunities to rent it from established institutes such as Ecole Ferrandi or Valrhona, where kitchens are met with hygiene standards. 
* Main ingredients used for my products (chocolate, dairy, eggs etc..) are local french produce.
* I plan to sell chocolates, pastry, and maybe offer (sell) tea.

Here are some of my questions:

1. I read about if trading under 30 days per year, one doesn’t have to register a business. Does that still apply?
2. If I manage to obtain a standard-met kitchen, do I qualify to produce my criteria of products?
3. Do I need to rent a space with restaurant permit to sell food (even if food is not produced on site)?
4. Will there be any difference between a pure take-away and a take-away+dine-in shop legalwise?
5. Are there any other licences or legal issues I should know about regarding my circumstances?

Thank you very much!

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