Setting up take-away drinks

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Hi, we normally operate as a péniche hotel offering multi-night cruises to guests.  But because 100% of our clients travel from overseas all of our trips for this summer are cancelled or postponed to 2021.  The canal where the ship is moored is busy on the weekend with families etc but there are no facilities, cafes etc near by.

So to earn a little bit of money we are thinking about selling take-away cold drinks, tea/coffee and ice creams from the boat on the weekends this summer (no alcohol to keep things simple). 

As well as cans and bottles we are thinking about slushie style ice drinks made in a blender and for the ice creams doing scoops of various flavours (bought from Metro not homemade).  But would this count as food preparation ie. requiring premises inspection etc?  Any idea of what licenses/ permissions we would need??  We are thinking take away only to avoid ERP regulations (as we are a historic ship we can’t accommodate disable access and as we normally operate as a 6 person chambre d’hote we are exempt).

Many thanks

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