Setting up micro enterprise and wife’s healthcare?

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I am in the process of setting up a building micro enterprise. All paperwork is done and ready to go when we move from U.K to France.

I had been informed that my wife would be able to access healthcare as the spouse of someone running an micro entrepreneur.  However, recently I have found out that ayant droit is being abolished and she would have to pay her own cotisations (I believe) via PUMA.

We would have savings and be taking some income from the interest in addition to a small government (teacher) pension for myself, plus the income from the micro entrepreneur.  Could you please let me know the situation and the best way to make sure she is covered as she has recently recovered from breast cancer.  I believe she would now be known as inactif.  The other possible hurdle is cover for the first three months after arriving in France: does she need private healthcare or will the EHIC surfice?
Many thanks.

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