Setting up an online subscription business

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Hi Valerie,

I am developing a website that provides advice to software professionals that will be run as a subscription service. I have a few (very) beginner questions:

  1. Can I run this under the auto-entrepreneur system?
  2. Do I need to charge VAT?
  3. As this is online and targeting software professionals, clients could theoretically come from anywhere in the world. Do I declare all revenue in France, regardless of the location of the customer? If I get a customer in the US for example, is there anything I will need to declare in the US?
  4. Do I need a separate professional bank account? If yes, can it be just a separate personal bank account?
  5. If I have a separate bank account, am I allowed to fund this with my personal account (e.g. to pay for hosting, which I will need to do before I have any customers)? If I need to top this account up from time to time, is this considered as revenue that I need to declare?
  6. If the business starts to do well, am I allowed to take money out of this account whenever I like?

Thanks in advance,


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