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Hi Valerie

We want to set up a small Koi business where we will sell Koi Carp and associated equipment (koi keeping equipment/ pond filter equipment etc.) We already have some Koi but will eventually be purchasing some new Koi for onward selling.

My husband has many years of experience keeping and showing Koi in the past but has not done so in a commercial manner. He has no formal qualifications.

  1. Can he register as a micro entrepreneur under the “activite commmerciale”?
  2. I personally am already a micro entrepreneur registered as a “professional liberale” and as far as social security is concerned, my husband is my dependant and we both have carte vitales.  Do I pay additional social charges as I have a dependent than I would if I did not have a dependant? If my husband creates his own micro-enterprise, would we end up paying more or less total social charges through URSSAF than we would if I started a second business and continued with my husband as a dependant?
  3. Would it be better for me to create a second business rather than my husband start a new one?
  4. Finally we have a lot of start up building costs (building new ponds etc). Is it possible to register for VAT so that we can claim back the VAT on our expenses. Could that be done under the “reel” accounting scheme as a micro -entrepreneur?
  5. We urgently need a SIRET so that we can create trade accounts with our suppliers, could I use my existing SIRET number?

Kind Regards

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