Set up of international consultancy

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I am an EU national living in France and am thinking of starting an international consultancy business addressing projects in emerging economies, which will usually be funded by non-French clients.  I expect some of the projects we win could be fairly large, say in the Euro 30k-120k range, running between 4 to 24 months, thereby requiring supplemental expert resources for our company to complete the work in a professional manner.

Are there any particular issues we need to be aware of in case we need to hire self-employ project-experts, assuming those experts are not French nationals, are based abroad, and are working on the projects for non-French clients? 

And do you have any recommendation for the best company structure – EURL or SASU—from the perspective of estimated taxes and social charges, assuming a monthly profit of Euro 6-12k. I am married with one child.

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