How do I set up bed and breakfast, rental and a guide business in France?

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We are looking to run a bed and breakfast aimed at motorcyclists in France. Expected turnover would be 30,000 euros. However in addition we would like to offer bike rental to our guests and tour guiding. Expected turnover for these would 5,000 euros and 2,000 euros respectively.

  1. Is this possible to include these under the micro-entrepreneur business status in France? If not, is it possible to split the activities, i.e. run the bed and breakfast as micro-entrepreneur and the rental and touring as?
  2. We have also been investigating the insurance side for the rental bikes and the insurers have come back with a condition I don’t understand: The only condition they need is to have the bikes ’rental’ activity registered on the official KBIS of the chambre d’hotes. What’s the KBIS?
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