Service à la personne SAP

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A family wants to engage me as a private English tutor to their daughter. They want to benefit from a fiscal relief on their payments to me. They mentioned “Service à la personne SAP.” How does this work?

I am an Auto-entrepreneur with a Siret number.

  1. Do I need to personally register with SAP?
  2. Do they register me with SAP?
  3. How will they pay me: by cash, cheque or virement?
  4. Do I pay URSSAF on money earned or pay SAP? Do I pay twice?
  5. Is there any financial benefit to me at all?
  6. The family asked that I issue to them a statement at the end of the year declaring what they paid me.
  7. Do I need to enter into a contract with them?

Your reply is appreciated.

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