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KTM Steve
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I’m an old client who you advised some years ago on the transition from micro entreprise to an incorporated business.  Things have gone very well based on your advice, but I am now looking to semi retire next year (I am 62 later this year) and close my EURL at the end of this physical year.  I will have a small french pension of around 2400€ pa and a pension from an investment of around 10000€ pa.  So until I’m 66 and get my UK old age pension, I will need to earn another 10000€ to 12000€ pa to pay the bills.  My questions are the following:

1.  Can I start an auto-entrepreneur business next year then work and still get my small french pension?
2.  Could the proposed figures above prevent me getting my french pension at all in the future?(I’d been told the authorities can stop your pension if you earn too much)
3.  When I reach 66 and get my UK old-age pension can I stop the auto-entrepreneur business without problems?(about 4 years)

Thanks in advance,

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