Selling online courses GLOBALLY & TVA and more.

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I’m a language teacher and teach online and students find me on Instagram. I’ve been an auto-entrepreneur since January 2022.

On April, I pre-launched my online course. 40 people bought it. All from different countries.

Stripe thinks I might have exceeded thresholds in some countries. This scared me and I stopped selling. Instead, I focused on finishing the creation of the course.

I have no idea about thresholds. I have no idea about TVA and how it works.

1) I have no idea what is my yearly limit to earn to be able to collect TVA. I have no idea what happens if I earn more than that amount. I have no idea if I even have to collect TVA. I don’t want to do anything stupid therefore illegal.

I’ve finished creating my online course after 12 months of active work. And all I want to know is how to sell it without making any stupid mistakes.

2) My course has VIDEO lessons and AUDIO lessons. Video lessons are not downloadable. Audio lessons were not supposed to be downloadable but my students say they can download them. Does that change anything?

3) I’m running a 30-Day Challenge and I follow their progress daily on my Whatsapp group. At the end of the challenge, we will have a Zoom call. Does that involve me in the course or is it considered “a digital product”?

4) What is the difference between a digital product and online course?

I have so many questions and I’m terrible at bureaucracy things. All I know is teaching and creating content.

This is why I signed up and I hope to get answers or at least meet some people who had the same experience.

Thank you all in advance.

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