Secu final number / Attestation de droits

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Hi all, I relocated to France last year and registered as an AE in November 2020, received my temp Secu number a few weeks later (which I was pleasantly surprised about!) and then my provisoire number in mid Jan with a line in the letter that my final number would be confirmed when URSAFF provide further documents. Since then nada. I have been able to use my temporary Secu number in the chemists but I’ve not been able to create an account with this number on Ameli and the number isn’t recognised at doctors etc, so I’m collecting feuille de soins.

I understand it’s an often long waiting game for the final Secu number but is it worth chasing this via CPAM or URSAFF? I’m keen to get this resolved asap, as I have my WARP Brexit carte de sejour lodged pending an appointment time - and the more proof of being in the health care system the better for my dossier! 

Also I understand I need an Attestation de Droits to arrange a mutuelle and to submit my first tax returns shortly as a French resident. Does this arrive automatically at some point or do I need to proactively chase this up, and if so how do I go about getting one of these? Many thanks in advance!

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