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Donna Farmhouse
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Hi Valerie,

My partner is registered as an AE, for the “creation and sales of art objects”.  Like most artists, he needs to supplement his income with other work; usually some form of manual labour.

Many years ago, we wrote and asked to have “petits travaux” added to his regime but we never knew if this happened or not.  However, when he declares his income, there is a box for sales and another for services so we have always divided the income appropriately.

Now, reading many of your posts, I am not sure it will have been possible to have added this secondary activity?  In the interests of getting this right going forward, where would we look to see if he has a secondary activity declared?

And if not, what activity would you recommend?  His customers all know and love his work, so they would be perfectly happy to have something like “artistic services” on their invoices.

Kind regards, Donna

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