Second Trade Registration

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In the UK I qualified as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates Association in London, which I used to do in addition to my part-time professional job. Here in France, I am set up as an entrepreneur with the two gites we have. Recently I have been approached by several people who have asked when am I going to set up teaching Pilates or asking for 1 to 1s or small group sessions. I have kept my CPD going for my Association membership and it has always been in my mind to restart.

A) can I do a certain level of income before having to declare as a separate activity?
B) What APE code would it be if had to make it a second activity? How do you register a second add on activity?
C) I am aware that very few qualifications are fully transferable to France. I know that BCPA is partially. But I know of many BCPA teachers in France that have been teaching in their own studios or hiring halls without completing the French equivalent. I presume that it is only required for teaching in gyms or local associations?
D) if I didn’t complete the French equivalent/conversion - would Insurance be valid?

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