Sarl de famille: Camping site run as a family in France

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Myself and my husband will be taking early retirement from our own building company in the next year. We want to retire to France and our family want to come with us. We are looking for a campsite to run which will provide an income for their two families, although my husband and myself will be buying the site we will not need to take an income out of it. I have two daughters who are both married with two children each.

1) For ease of buying the site and for future inheritance tax etc am I correct in thinking a SARL de famille would be the best way forward?
2) If so how long does this take to set up and how do I go about it?
3) I am also concerned about getting visas for all of us, can you only apply once you have purchased the property? If so how likely are you to obtain the long term visas to be able to stay in France and run the business?
4) What sort of visas should my daughters and sons-in-law apply for?
5) Would my husband and I apply for the same or a retirement-type visa?

Many thanks

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