Sale or transfer 9f business ?

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I am seeking advice re the sale of our home ( principal residence)

We bought the house in 2003 and moved permanently to France in August 2004.

In 2014 I registered under micro enterprise to offer Chambres d hotes and Sejours Linguistics.

( the house is joint owned with my husband 50 50 but the business is registered in my name only)

In fact since 2018 we have only accepted children for sejours linquistiques and had no bed and breakfast clients since 2018. We host these children during school holidays only.

We wish to sell our home but our notaire is unclear as to whether we would be subject to capital gains and social charges on any house profits.

I have had conflicting advise as to whether the house will be classed maison principle.

The clients have their own bedrooms and some shared communal areas but over 60% of the house is private.

If I close the business before selling, will the house be classed purely as a primary residence?

The other option is to not close the business, but transfer it to our second hope in Brittany. Again I would like to know how this would affect us re possible plus value. Thank you in advance.

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