Runnig two different types of businesses - selling goods and providing services

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I have a business registered as a micro-entrepreneur, manufacturing and selling goods with my husband as my conjoined collaborator.
It is a new business and it does not earn enough to live on.

We are very good at painting and decorating so we thought to offer these types of services ( we have already been recommended to several clients) but I have been told that I cannot keep both businesses.

To be honest this doesn’t make sense to me as two businesses can earn a good living but one might not. I’ve just read that keeping two businesses is possible as long as we don’t exceed the threshold we are allowed to earn for each business and of course declare the correct amount of taxes and contributions.

1. Can my husband be registered as a micro-entrepreneur while he is my conjoined collaborator?
2. What would you suggest the best solution would be for us?

Thank you

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