Rules, regulations, licences and taxes when setting up a chambre d’hôtes?

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We’re a Swedish couple planning to buy a chambre d’hôtes (with table d’hôtes) in France. Preferably an existing business, up and running one, but we’re not ruling out the option of setting one up ourselves depending on the result of our property search.

Having searched online a lot, it seems almost impossible to find out everything with regards to legislation, what licences need to be applied for and above all how much tax we will be paying and also what other costs we will have to calculate, e.g. social security, health insurance, pension contribution, other taxes than income tax etc.

We would basically need to know how much we will have left to live on once all of the above mentioned costs - and other costs that we might not even be aware of are paid. I would be able to keep my existing job for a while, but the plan for the future is to be able to live on the income from the chambre d’hôtes both of us.

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