Retirement MSA and RSI

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I have been registered as a jeune agriculteur for nearly 7 years now. I am not a very active farmer, but sell a few eggs, chickens, rabbits and turkeys.  It really doesn’t amount to much income, but I continue to pay monthly cotisation to the MSA to maintain a carte vitale for me and recently my husband. I have also joined the auto-entrepreneur scheme. I was reading one of the topics about paying toward retirement under the auto-entrepreneur scheme.

I have recently been thinking about dropping the MSA scheme as I am now paying into the RSI (again with not a very high turnover). A French friend of mine said I should stick with the MSA because it will be more beneficial for me in the long run. I am guessing for retirement benefits, etc.

My question is really how long must you pay into these schemes to be eligible for some sort of retirement benefits? You said something on the other topic about a point system I believe. Is it based on the amount of income you declare? I am just wondering what will be most beneficial for me in the end. Do I continue to pay into the MSA even though my income is minimal or has this just been a waste of my money? Really appreciate your help.

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